Open source for API traffic visibility in K8s clusters

APIClarity, an open source cloud native visibility tool for APIs, utilizes a Service Mesh framework to capture and analyze API traffic, and identify potential risks.

Use APIClarity to compare your OpenAPI specification to its state at runtime. For apps that don’t have an OpenAPI specification, leverage APIClarity to reconstruct a specification in a live environment.

Cloud native applications use and expose APIs, which have been the source of many highly publicized cyber-attacks and breaches. Leverage APIClarity to improve your API visibility and your applications security posture.

Quick and Easy API Visibility & Analysis

Reduce API security risk without code instrumentation or workload modification.

Comprehensive Dashboard to Monitor APIs

Evaluate OpenAPI specifications for security issues and best practices. Where there is no spec, automatically generate one.

Designed for Developers, Loved by Security

Detect Zombie and Shadow APIs, alert users on risks, identify changes between approved OpenAPI specs and APIs at runtime.

What is APIClarity?

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