About APIClarity

Why APIClarity?

Challenges for API microservices

Not all applications have their Open API specification available.​

How can we get this for our legacy or external applications?​​

Ability to detect that microservices still use deprecated APIs (a.k.a. Zombie APIs)​​

Ability to detect that microservices use undocumented APIs (a.k.a. Shadow APIs)​

Ability to get Open API specifications without code instrumentation or modifying existing workloads (seamless documentation)​

How will APIClarity overcome these challenges?

Capture all API traffic in an existing environment using a service-mesh framework​​

Construct the Open API specification by observing the API traffic​​​

Allow the User to upload Open API spec, review, modify and approve generated Open API specs​

Alert the user on any difference between the approved API specification and the one that is observed in runtime, detects shadow & zombie APIs​

UI dashboard to audit and monitor the API findings​